Bioinformatics Analysis

DGAC is set up to facilitate massive scale genomics at Stanford and supports omics, microbiome, sensor, and phenotypic data types. We offer:

On-premise computational cluster: specially suited to NGS analysis

  • 2800+ cores and 7+ Petabytes of high performance storage
  • Architecture specifically suited to large scale genomics data analysis but also supports general scientific computing
  • 500+ bioinformatics software packages installed and ready to use
  • Specialized data analysis solution, Galaxy, available to users. Inquire for ongoing pilot programs.

"Bioinformatics-as-a-Service (BaaS)": consulting for hands-on help

  • Payable on an hourly basis
  • We not only support analysis for popular NGS data types such as RNA­Seq, ChIP­Seq, MethylSeq, Whole Genome/Whole Exome Seq, CancerSeq, and Microbiome, we also support new data types like Hi-C, and ATAC-Seq.
  • Along with Secondary analysis, we provide consulting in quality control, downstream tertiary analysis, data interpretation and visualization. Custom/novel development is available.

Google Cloud Gateway: for scale out computing

  • Cloud services backed by SU agreements 
  • Security compliance set up by DGAC system admins

System Security: supports biomedical research compliance needs