Educational Resources

Graduate Courses at Stanford

Medical imaging courses at Stanford include MRI physics, image reconstruction, RF pulse design, MR signals and sequences, and MRI programming.

Brian Hargreaves' graduate courses are:

MRI Signals and Sequences (Autumn): Advanced engineering course including MRI signal calculation, corrections for system imperfections, contrast mechansims and pulse sequences.

MRI Programming Topics (Spring): This class is an intensive introduction to programming a GE MRI scanner using EPIC (Environment for Pulse Programming in C).

Class websites include lecture notes, assignments and resources. Recorded lectures available upon request.

Other Material

Quick MRI Introduction (16 min)

Older MR Physics Lectures: I-BasicsII-ImagingIII-SequencesIV-Contrast (targeted to breast MR radiologists)

Bilateral Breast MRI at Stanford (2008 video)

Metal Artifact Reduction in MRI (2010 lecture)

Spin Echo Imaging (part of MR physics series)

MRI Matlab Tutorial (2002 effort, not quite complete!)

MRI Animations (random collection of animations)

MRI Principles Videos

Stanford Radiology offers lectures and hands-on sessions on MRI physics topics to residents and fellows.  A series of recorded short lectures on MRI physics topics is available here.  These include principles of polarization, excitation, relaxation, image formation and contrast in MRI.  They may be of interest to radiologists and engineers, hoping to provide some intuition without equations!

Training programs

Our group is involved in the NIH-sponsored programs "Training in Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation" (graduate student level) and the "Stanford Cancer Imaging Training Program" (post-doctoral level).