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Treating Patients in Liberia: A Stanford Physician's Story

Quarantine and Infectious Disease Disaster Preparedness at Stanford

What is it like fighting a deadly Ebola epidemic? Dr. Bucks, a Stanford Emergency physician, will discuss his experience being on the front lines of treating Ebola stricken patients in the West African country of Liberia at the height of the epidemic.

Dr. Bucks will also discuss the topic of quarantine as it applies both to patients and healthcare workers in the United States and abroad, as well as his own personal experience being quarantined in his home for three weeks after returning from Liberia.

In addition to the discussion of his experience fighting Ebola in Africa, Dr. Bucks will discuss local infectious disease disaster preparedness from his position as a Medical Director for Disaster Preparedness at Stanford. 


Li Ka Shing Learning & Knowledge Center (LKSC)
291 Campus Dr.
Palo Alto, CA 94305

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Li Ka Shing Learning & Knowledge Center (LKSC)

291 Campus Dr.
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Colin Bucks, MD; Stanford Emergency Department. Medical Director for Disaster Preparedness at Stanford.

Colin Bucks, MD: Dr. Colin Bucks is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery in the Division of Emergency Medicine and the Marc Andreessen & Laura Arillaga-Andreessen Medical Director for Disaster Preparedness at Stanford University School of Medicine.  Prior to pursuing a career in medicine, Colin worked as a short order cook, landscaper, bicycle messenger, and middle school teacher in the Baltimore City Public School System.  He completed medical school and resdency in emergency medicine at Temple University School of Medicine, then spent the next two years at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia learning disaster management and technical rescue.  This was followed by a sabbatical from medicine with the U.S. Forest Service fighting forest fires and learning the finer points of incident command.   Dr. Bucks is a Medical Team Manager with FEMA Urban Search & Rescue – California Task Force 3.   He has been deployed in the responses to the earthquake in Haiti, Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and to care for patients with Ebola in Liberia.