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Stanford Biosecurity aims to prepare its students for the biological threats of the future, whether that be infectious disease epidemics, bioterrorism, or biowarfare. Stanford Biosecurity supports classes that teach the basics to viral disease, disaster response, biosecurity policy, and drug development. Additionally, eminent leaders and experts in fields relevant to biosecurity provide open-to-the-public seminars about current issues in biosecurity.

Speakers have included former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, PhD; Rear Admiral Kenneth Bernard, MD; President of In-Q-Te Christopher Darby; former special assistant to the president Robert Kadlec, MD, MS; former Secretary of Science and Technology Tara O'Toole, MD, MPH; Mark Smolinksi of the Skoll Foundation, and many more.

Featured Class: Biosecurity and Bioterrorism Response

Milana Trounce, MD, teaches the foundational course that covers a broad range of topics related to biosecurity. The class is an overview of the most pressing biosecurity issues facing the world today. Guest lecturers have included former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former Special Assistant on BioSecurity to Presidents Clinton and Bush Jr. Dr. Ken Bernard, and other biosecurity leaders, eminent scientists, innovators and physicians in the field, and leaders of relevant technology companies.

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Seminar Series

Stanford Biosecurity provides a series of seminars which are open to the Stanford community, leaders in BioSecurity field and Biosecurity community more broadly.

Eminent national and international experts and leaders in BioSecurity deliver presentations and facilitate dialogue on some of the most pressing issues facing BioSecurity today.


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