Participate in Stanford Biosecurity

Participate at Stanford Biosecurity to support our mission of protecting the nation against biological threats and infectious disease disasters, whether they be intentionally caused or naturally occuring. Opportunities are open to students, faculty, organizations and the broader Biosecurity community.


NEW: COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab

COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab is a student-led Accelerator Program to help launch and scale high-impact projects and ventures to combat the COVID-19 crisis. It brings together motivated students, faculty, alumni and other members across the Stanford network and the broader community to help tackle the current crisis.The groups is focused on rapidly building and scaling high-impact ventures together to combat COVID-19. Stanford’s COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab brings together motivated, curious minds across the Stanford network that want to help tackle this crisis.

Originating from a community including CS graduate students, incoming MBA students, and members of the Medical School, the Response Innovation Lab is an accelerator program to help launch and grow promising projects within Stanford community.  From workforce allocation to mental health to medical solutions, solutions focused on issues ranging from immediate impact to recovery to long-term preparation, the Response Innovation Lab is organized around different challenges that encompass both existing projects and new ideas across multiple cities, counties, and continents.
Project Website

Opportunities for Students

Join an Advocacy Program

Stanford Biosecurity promotes student outreach campaigns, where students reach out to their local communities to offer a curriculum on select topics in infectious disease and disaster preparedness and response. Stanford Biosecurity outreach groups are run by and are designed for students. 

Fuel Innovation & Explore New Concepts

Students possessing, or close to conceiving, innovative ideas relevant to Biosecurity have opportunities to get involved with the various technology or design incubators/classes on campus while receiving guidance from BioSecurity experts.  Students are also encouraged to explore and share their innovative ideas in the form of a student paper.  See student Innovation

Work with an Expert

Stanford Biosecurity promotes collaboration among experts and students associated with various fields of study and research. Many of our Speakers & Advisors actively manage biosecurity-related projects with room for student participation. Under the guidance of these mentors, students can expand their knowledge of biosecurity while simultaneously contributing to the field.


Opportunities for Stanford Faculty

Become an Affiliate

An Affiliated Faculty member serves as a Teacher and/or an Advisor to biosecurity students. In this role, faculty members have an opportunity to propose biosecurity-relevant projects for the students to work on, supervise projects, advise students on projects initiated by the students, and/or mentor students. Affiliated Faculty members also educate and engage via creating new biosecurity-relevant classes, incorporating biosecurity-related content into existing classes, engaging via biosecurity seminars, panels and other forums. 

Become a Seminar Speaker or Teach a Class

Opportunities for Non-Stanford Faculty and Experts

Join Our Speakers and Advisors

Stanford Biosecurity draws from the expertise of our Speakers & Advisors. From hosting seminars to mentoring students, from overseeing projects to joining in on discussions concerning current biosecurity threats, our Speakers & Advisors are essential to the pursuit of our mission. 
Speakers & Advisors

Bring a Project

Stanford Biosecurity aims to provide opportunities for students to participate in the on-going research and developments in biosecurity. Therefore, experts in fields related to biosecurity are encouraged to bring their active projects to Stanford Biosecurity, where they can discover bright students eager to aid in such work. For more information, please contact us.

Advise on a Project

When students generate ingenious ideas in biosecurity, we look to bring these ideas to life. Oftentimes to do so requires the mentorship of an expert in the same field. Experts also help guide students in exploring a topic relevant to their field of expertise.

Opportunities for Organizations

Stanford Biosecurity welcomes the participation of NGOs and other non-profits, technology companies, educational institutions, governmental organizations and others. 

Become a Partner

Stanford Biosecurity believes that technological and other forms of innovation are instrumental in accomplishing our mission. Stanford Biosecurity looks to partner with organizations either supporting or pursuing projects with biosecurity implications.

Support our Research

While we aim to promote biosecurity-related research, Stanford Biosecurity requires the cooperation of the community to achieve this goal.