Continuity of Care Clerkship


Course Description

The Continuity of Care Clerkship is designed to give third and fourth year medical students exposure to the longitudinal aspects of medicine and health care in the specialty of their choice. This clerkship is distinct from traditional clerkships, which focus on acute problems and treatment in an inpatient setting. This clerkship offers chronic care training, emphasizing skills of prevention, long-term health management, and follow-up in the context of social factors and the patient’s life history. In addition to medical knowledge, students have an opportunity to learn about the challenges and rewards of primary and specialty care including long-term relationships with patients and colleagues, economic challenges of inpatient and ambulatory medicine, and time management. Students will be better prepared to make career decisions and to be better clinicians in whatever specialty they choose.


Continuity Experience

Experience the natural evolution of chronic diseases over time in a variety of clinic types, including the impact of psychosocial, economic, cultural and family factors through multiple interactions with patients over time at different points in their illness or maintenance of wellness

  • provides students the opportunity to apply their growing mastery of basic clinical skills and diagnostic and therapeutic reasoning as the foundation upon which to build deeper, more complex learning over time,


Develop long term relationships with patients and appreciate the importance of healing connections (clinic must offer continuity of care/returning patients)

  • Increased level of engagement over time fosters caring, sense of responsibility and duty
  • Understand and empathize with their patient's experience of illness over time


Form meaningful relationships with a community or faculty preceptor

  • Allows for more in-depth needs assessment/ and setting of goals that can be progressively addressed and mastered. Sustained knowledge of student’s developmental trajectory, strengths, and learning edges allows preceptors to tailor their teaching accordingly
  • Learn about effective communication within teams and across specialties and the value of connecting with community resources and other health care support networks


Monthly Continuity Conference

  • In depth exposure to Continuity themes/topics
  • Enhances valuation of collaborative group processes, functional peer relationships and reflective practice


Course Requirements

A 9-month elective, 6 units: One afternoon each week (3 in outpatient continuity clinic and one in a monthly continuity conference)

Prerequisite: FAMMED 301A, MED 300A/313A, OBGYN 300A, or PEDS 300A

Students are required to:

  • attend 27 clinic sessions
  • attend 9 monthly continuity didactic conferences
  • complete a 30-minute presentation

Course Contacts

Director: Amelia Sattler MD

Coord: Anthony Duong


If you need assistance or have questions regarding the Continuity of Care Clerkship, please contact us.