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Welcome to the Continuity of Care Clerkship!

The Continuity of Care Clerkship is designed to give students exposure to the longitudinal aspects of health care in the specialty of their choice. Distinct from traditional clerkships, this clerkship offers chronic care training in the context of the patient’s life history.  In addition to medical knowledge, we hope they will learn about the challenges and rewards of primary and specialty care, such as long-term relationships with patients and colleagues, economic challenges and time management.  This perspective will better prepare them to make career decisions and to be a better clinician in whatever specialty they choose.

The clerkship started as a small pilot elective clerkship with the first orientation and didactic lecture on September 15, 1999. The clerkship would not be possible without excellent, dedicated preceptors such as yourself. We immensely appreciate your time, patience and expertise. Please know that we welcome and request your ongoing feedback and evaluation of the clerkship as we strive to make it the best possible experience for the students, preceptors, and the patients that it serves. Please contact us with any questions or concerns at any time.