Abstract presented at 12th Annual Jonathan Rodnick Family & Community Medicine Colloquium

June 2, 2016

Congratulations to medical student Victoria Boggiano who recently presented at the 12th annual Rodnick Colloquium at UCSF.

Abstract: Patient Partners and L-CHAMP: Student Involvement in Two Early Clinical Exposure Courses at Stanford Medical School

Context & Objective: Medical students are increasingly looking for opportunities to work with patients during their pre-clerkship years. Patient Partners and Longitudinal Community Health Advoca- cy Medical Partnerships (L-CHAMP) are two courses at Stanford Medical School that target pre- clerkship medical students. By joining these courses, students work with patients as they transition from being in the hospital to going home (in the case of Patient Partners) or when they visit their primary care provider at a community health center (in the case of L-CHAMP). We were interested in looking at student involvement in these courses since their creation in 2013.

The Jonathan Rodnick Family & Community Medicine Colloquium is an opportunity for the many members of our department to come together and share our work in the areas of clinical care, community engagement, education, and research.  All members of the UCSF Department of Family and Community Medicine and affiliate residencies – faculty, fellows, residents, and staff, including voluntary clinical faculty and community partners, as well as interested UCSF medical students – and distinguished guests are invited to attend.