Health Pavilion

Experience interactive exhibits, hands-on attractions, and activities for the whole family.

This was the Pavilion for Health Matters 2018, which has now concluded.

Tech Matters
Explore the human body from the inside out on a giant, touch-screen anatomy visualization table. Visit with experts from the Stanford Pain Management Center and see new treatments for modulating pain with virtual reality. Check out BaroStitch, a new device invented by a Stanford Biodesign fellow, that dramatically reduces incision size for endovascular procedures. Experience a hands-on demonstration of immersive technologies to reduce pain and anxiety in kids by the CHARIOT Program. Become a citizen scientist with Eterna, an online video game that asks players to help solve puzzles to design molecular medicines by accessing a remote-controlled biochemistry lab at Stanford. Check how well your eyes track with EYE-SYNC, a portable virtual reality tool that can quickly and accurately detect concussions and other brain impairments. Learn how Stanford’s Virtual Emotional States Lab is working to understand emotional states like fear and anxiety and testing therapeutic interventions to shift negative emotions. And don’t forget to take a 360-degree tour of your own brain with the Stanford Neurosurgical Simulation & Virtual Reality Center.

Pet Assisted Wellness at Stanford
Cuddle with an adorable member of PAWS, Stanford’s canine wellness program, and learn how therapy dogs help patients during a stay in the hospital.

Ask the Experts
Get answers to your health questions from Stanford experts in a variety of medical specialties—no appointment necessary! Get free biometric screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body mass index (BMI). Learn about the latest cancer research and treatment advances from the Stanford Cancer Institute. Meet with experts from Stanford’s Inpatient Palliative Medicine group who’ll answer your questions about treatment and support of people with serious and chronic illnesses. Get tips on navigating your health care from Stanford social workers and case managers. Learn more about how cardiovascular disease affects women specifically from the experts at Stanford Women’s Heart Health. Participate in Stanford’s Project Baseline, a collaborative health study with Duke and Google, aimed at better understanding health and disease risk factors and in developing new technologies to organize and analyze health information. Learn more about how cancer and cardiovascular disease affect women specifically from the experts at the Stanford Women’s Cancer Center and Women’s Heart Health. Learn how you can help your kids increase their resilience and decrease their risk for emotional problems from the experts at Stanford's Pediatric Emotion and Resilience Lab (PEARL). Also check out Cadence, a digital health company that builds connected products that empower women to take control of their reproductive health. And discover Stanford Health Care Advantage, a health plan for seniors in Santa Clara County.

New Stanford Hospital
Check out some of the exciting features of our new state-of-the-art hospital, opening 2019. Experience a virtual tour with 3D goggles, see plants and flowers from the hospital’s beautiful rooftop gardens, and learn about cutting-edge technologies that will help optimize patient care and comfort.

Functional Movement Screening
Meet with a Stanford athletic trainer who will perform a hands-on screening to evaluate your flexibility, balance, and body symmetry to identify insufficiencies. You'll walk away with helpful suggestions on how to improve your movement, balance, and athletic performance.

VOICES of the Community
Be sure to visit the Voices Project area and help make your story as much a part of the new Stanford Hospital as you are! Add your voice and creativity to this fun, interactive mosaic project celebrating the opening of the new Stanford Hospital in 2019. All ages are encouraged to participate by submitting a drawing and personal message.

Wellness Matters
Enjoy cooking demonstrations, presentations, and Q&A with Stanford experts who will provide tips for living healthy and well in talks offered throughout the day. Learn from the Stanford Diabetes Care Program about personalized approaches to managing diabetes if you have it or preventing it if you’re at risk. And don’t miss your chance to be a citizen-scientist by participating in a new health and well-being study by Stanford’s Wellness Living Laboratory.


9:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
POA, Living Will, and POLST- Oh My! Advance care planning 101 for everyone

Esther Ammon, LCSW

10:15 – 10:45 a.m.
Herbal Strong

Chef Vanessa Pang

11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Stay Heart Healthy: Know Your Numbers!

Katherine Janaszek, MSN, NP-BC

11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
Eating for Health

Leah Groppo, RD, CDE

12:30 p.m –1:00 p.m.
Dinner in a Flash

Chef Vanessa Pang

1:15 p.m – 1:45 p.m.
Healthy Eating on the Go

Prajakta Ranade, MS, RD, CDE