Outdoor Health Pavilion
Hands-On Activities to Inform Lifelong Health


Our Health Pavilion at Health Matters 2024 will offer a host of fun activities and resources to help keep you well for life. Stay tuned as we add more presenters!

Cardiovascular Health

Visit us to learn all about keeping your heart healthy! From prevention pointers for avoiding cardiac problems to tips and information for those living with heart conditions, our team of cardiovascular specialists can provide you with expert advice to help you take control of your heart health. You can also discover:

·       Free online resources to help you make heart-healthy choices in your daily life
·       Information about how to participate in clinical trials
·       How in-person and online fitness programs can be tailored to help you meet your cardiac rehabilitation goals
·       Plus so much more!

HeartFit For Life

Our in-person and online fitness programs deliver personalized, holistic, and safe cardiac rehabilitation to ensure our members receive the individualized care and support they need on their journey to heart health. Our comprehensive services include:              

·       Nurse supervision and counseling
·       A medically supervised exercise program available both virtually and on site
·       Risk factor education and counseling for diabetes, blood pressure, stress, and nutrition
·       A supportive community

Stop by for games, giveaways, and access to experts who can help you stay heart-healthy!

Injury Prevention

Did you know that most injuries are preventable? Injury-prevention professionals from Stanford Health Care and Stanford Medicine Children’s Health can teach you and your family how to avoid common—yet preventable—injuries, both in your home and while out doing activities such as walking and biking. Experts from Impact Teen Drivers will also be on hand to help keep your teen driver safe on the road.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services provides language access services to Stanford Health Care patients, family, and friends who speak a language other than English. Professional signed and spoken language interpretation is always available free of charge for any encounter you may have with a staff member or provider. Learn more about how you can connect with our professionally trained staff and communicate with your care team in your preferred language.

Online Second Opinion Program

Patients around the globe can access Stanford Medicine’s world-class care through the Online Second Opinion Program, allowing them to make more informed decisions when facing complex medical issues. Through the program, Stanford Medicine experts are available to review adult and pediatric patients’ medical records, including diagnoses, imaging, and test results, before sending personalized treatment recommendations. Stop by to learn more about the types of opinions offered and the multiple specialties available through the program.

Our Voice: Citizen Science for Health Equity

Want to become an agent of change? The Our Voice Initiative activates the power of people to build healthier and more vibrant communities. Using the Our Voice Discovery Tool mobile app, local “citizen scientists” document features of their communities that impact their ability to lead healthier lives. They then review their findings, prioritize areas for change, and mobilize to promote improvements supporting community health. Drop by to see how you can become part of the movement!

Participate in Stanford Research

Find out about studies happening at Stanford and join the Stanford Research Registry! The registry connects people like you with teams conducting cutting-edge research to improve health and well-being for all.

Patient & Family Partner Program

Learn how patients, families, and caregivers are helping to transform Stanford Health Care to provide an inclusive care experience for all. The Patient & Family Advisory Council ensures the voices of patients and families are heard by staff, physicians, and leadership to provide insights and recommendations to enhance the patient and caregiver experience through medical education curriculum and programming.

PAWS: Pet Assisted Wellness at Stanford

Stop by and spend time with some furry friends and learn how Stanford’s therapy dogs help patients during their hospital stay.


Learn more about PRIDEnet’s work catalyzing LGBTQIA+ health research, including how you can enroll in The PRIDE Study and the All of Us Research Program.

Stanford Blood Center

Are you the Stanford type? Stop by the Stanford Blood Center booth to learn about blood donation and get the chance to win a $200 e-gift card*!

*Enter to win by signing up to receive information from the Stanford Blood Center via email. You may opt out at any time.

Stanford Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE)

Visit the CARE booth to receive a complimentary glucose test and blood pressure screening and be your healthiest self! While visiting, gain insights into CARE’s upcoming health and education events as part of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month.

Stanford Lifestyle Medicine Program

Are you overwhelmed by the massive amounts of information on healthy aging? Stanford Lifestyle Medicine translates evidence-based health and wellness research into accessible content for all. Discover the latest information and recommendations from our team of experts to help you stay well throughout the years.

Stop the Bleed | Stanford Trauma Service

Learn how to care for a severely injured person until first responders arrive—and provide lifesaving care when mere minutes count. The Stanford Trauma Service will teach you basic bleeding-control techniques from Stop the Bleed, a nationwide program designed to empower civilian bystanders to act quickly and save lives.

YogaX at Stanford Psychiatry

Interested in yoga but don’t know where to start? Explore short practice sessions that give you a preview of what an integrated, holistic yoga class is like—one that combines movement, breathing, and mindfulness to build curiosity, awareness, and connection to the community. All levels are welcome, so stop by and see why so many people are choosing yoga as the optimal way to integrate science and soul.