Timeless wisdom from experts and survivors on how to deal with the emotional side of cancer – for patients, family, and caretakers

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  • The Art of Forgiveness

    Why it is in your best interest to forgive and how to do it.

  • Coping with Cancer

    Explores the various ways people cope with cancer along their journey. A tool to help improve your emotional well-being.

  • Coping with Depression

    Why cancer can cause depression and how to protect yourself.

  • When Your Spouse Has Cancer

    Covers the issues that are common when cancer intervenes in a relationship. Provides tips to help create an improved coping environment that says: "the two of you are in it together."…

  • The Will to Live

    Why and how it can be nurtured, protected and strengthened.

Existential Questions

These articles cover some of the profound and complex questions unleashed by the threat of a serious illness

  • Living with Mortality

    Explores how patients react when diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease and details the stages of the reaction: disbelief, discovery, redirection, resolution, and emerging victorious.

  • Choosing Life

    The importance of a positive attitude and the challenges to staying the course due to cancers psychological and physical headwinds including a summary of tips relating to Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Sexuality, and Relaxation.

  • Hope as a Strategy

    Hope is one of the greatest allies supporting quality of life and can be a major tool of empowerment and an element for sustaining life and the will to live.

Coping With Cancer

Survivor interview, psychotherapist insights, and the role of creativity and humor!

Sources of Support

For patients and family members who need emotional support, there exists various sources of support

  • Religion and Spirituality

    Thoughts on the difficult, complex, and common questions…

  • The Role of the Clergy

    A chaplain, a rabbi and a priest discuss their work with cancer patients.

  • Support Groups

    Cancer support groups: how they work, why they work, and the benefits. How groups nurture a new perspective and why this reframing of the problem is important.

  • Cancer and Family Needs

    Information and help in dealing with the emotional reactions within a family in response to a cancer diagnosis including the parents, spouses, and children.

Stress and Cancer

What causes distress? When do you feel stress? Help with mindfulness to improve quality of life

Author Interviews

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