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Speech Comprehension Study (Autism)

This study investigates how the brain processes and understands speech in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as well as typically developing children. We are interested in understanding speech comprehension in children through anticipating incoming speech and accumulating speech information over a period of time.

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Social Skills Tutoring (Autism)

This 9-week intervention focuses on key social skills for autistic adolescents, while exploring brain plasticity using fMRI imaging. Your child will receive 1:1 sessions with our clinician, with parent training in clinic. Topics include: Greetings, Departures, Question Asking, Talking the Right Amount, Empathy, Sarcasm, and Eating and Drinking. We also coordinate with the school for additional support and opportunities to practice the targeted social skills in a club of interest.

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Both Studies

If you are interested in both the Speech Comprehension Study (Autism) and Social Skills Tutoring (Autism), you can register here. It is possible to participate in both of these studies, one after another.

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