Community Support Resources

Autism Resources

Autism Society

What it is: The Autism Society is a nationwide group that aims to connect people in the Autism community to resources and support. They also have a network of affiliate groups across many cities and states.

Visit the Autism Society Website

Contact: (800) 328-8476

Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area

What it is: Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area (SFASA) supports the Bay Area autism community. As a hub for the autism community, they provide information on events, resources, education, and advocacy to develop and grow a more connected community.

Visit the Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area Website

Contact: (650) 339-8477 or

Stanford Medicine Autism Center

What it is: Stanford Medicine offers an overview of Autism Services, including diagnostic and treatment divisions, Research Program information, and resources to find Clinical Services and Parent Support and Education.

Visit the Stanford Medicine Autism Center Website

Early Support Program for Autism (ESPA)

What it is: A collaborative program involving Stanford Children’s Health and Children’s Health Council with the goal to provide no-cost supportive services to families of individuals with suspected or diagnosed autism.

Visit the Early Support Program for Autism (ESPA) Website

Autism Families Bay Area Events

What it is: An events page sponsored by Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area, this includes many activities and events for autism families in the Bay area.

Visit the Autism Families Bay Area Events Website


Stanford Autism Parent Support Group

What it is: Sponsored by the Stanford Autism Center at Stanford Children’s Health, the Autism Parent Support group provides free monthly meetings: “Parents of children with autism face a unique set of challenges. The opportunity to connect with other families who have been through similar experiences can be a valuable form of support.”

When: The 2nd Monday of every month, from 7pm-8:30pm

Where:  Virtual until further notice

Contact: email to be added to the monthly email with Zoom information

Autism Support Group for Parents

What it is: As part of the San Jose, California-based group, Parents Helping Parents, the support group meets monthly to connect with other parents and families in the autism community. This group supports parents and caregivers of school-aged children with ASD.

When: The 2nd Tuesday of every month, refer to the event calendar

Where: Online via Zoom

Visit the Autism Support Group for Parents Website

Alzheimer’s Disease Resources

Alzheimer’s Association

What it is: The Alzheimer’s Association aims to promote research on Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as provide the community with care and support. Their Help & Support section includes many resources on topics about life and caregiving with Alzheimer’s Disease. In the Your Chapter section, there is information for finding a Local Chapter and resources.

Visit the Alzheimer’s Association Website

Contact: (800) 272-3900

Northern California and Northern Nevada: Alzheimer’s Association

What it is: As a Local Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association based in Nor Cal and Nor Nevada, there is information on local events and walks, region specific resources, and community connections.

Visit the Northern California and Northern Nevada Alzheimer’s Association Website

Contact: (800) 272-3900

Stanford Medicine Health Care

What it is: As part of Stanford Medicine Health Care, information is provided in an overview of how Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed, treatments and care plans, and Clinic information for diagnosis.

Visit the Stanford Medicine Health Care Website

Contact: Aging Adult Services: (650) 723-1303; Memory Disorders Center: (650) 723-6469; Neuropsychology Clinic: (650) 723-7181

Alzheimer’s Caregiving

What it is: From the National Institute on Aging, there are many resources on topics related to caregiving for Alzheimer’s, such as understanding communication and behavior changes, relationships, and caregiver health.

Visit the Alzheimer’s Caregiving Website

Contact: (800) 222-2225

Bay Area Caregiver Resource Center

What it is: Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) facilitates Bay Area Caregiver Resources which includes support for families caring for those with Alzheimer’s Disease. They provide consultations to help with care plans, workshops for caregiving topics, and referrals to community programs and support groups.

Visit the Bay Area Caregiver Resource Center Website

Contact: (415) 434-3388 or

TimeSlips Organization

What it is: The TimeSlips organization aims to foster connections for people with Alzheimer’s Disease, through storytelling and creative engagement. They offer a free online membership to access their Creativity Center, which includes reading and sharing stories, asking questions, and working on creative projects. They also offer free trainings for families and caregivers to learn engagement techniques.

Visit the TimeSlips Organization Website

Contact: (800) 220-1822