Residents as Teachers (RAT) at LPCH  


Teaching is an essential part of the residency training experience at LPCH. The ACGME includes teaching as part of Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, a core competency for all residents.  Housestaff work closely with Stanford medical students at all of the major training sites and are arguably the most influential teachers that students encounter.  Peer education – in the form of role modeling, team supervision, and explicit teaching - is a constant and important element of resident teaching.  Beyond residency, many LPCH graduates go on to fellowship and academic careers, where teaching becomes a vital part of their work.

For many residents, teaching provides a daily source of energy, challenge, and inspiration.

The Residency Program at LPCH is committed to preparing residents to excel in their roles as teachers – during residency training and beyond.


Pediatric Housestaff