RAT Program

The RAT program at LPCH begins during Intern Boot Camp with a session on the unique role of interns as teachers. A monthly noon conference series covering essential aspects of medical teaching spans the full three years of training.  The month long Teaching Senior rotation allows residents to gain hands-on, practical experience with approaches to teaching in a variety of settings. Residents who have a strong interest in education may consider joining the Scholarly Concentration in Medical Education.

Residents with a particular interest in one-on-one teaching or coaching may participate in the Residents-as-Tutors program (RATu), which pairs residents with individual students who request extra help.

RAT Conference Series, 2014-15
(topics subject to change)

August 1

Working with Medical Students 101

September 5


October 3

Teaching with Cases

November 7

Microskills Model

December 5

Coaching to promote presentation skills

January 16, 2013


February 6

Choosing optimal teaching strategies

March 6

Feedback Revisited

April 3

Creating a Positive Learning Climate

May 1

Situational Leadership and Teaching Style

June 5

Teaching Senior Rotation

The required Teaching Senior rotation for PL-3 residents is a highlight of the LPCH training program.  The 4-week rotation provides faculty mentoring and dedicated time for residents to gain experience with a variety of approaches to teaching.  Core curriculum topics include:

  • Preparation and planning for teaching
  • Learning Styles
  • Teaching in large groups
  • Teaching in small groups
  • Bedside teaching
  • Teaching in the context of clinical care
  • One-on-one teaching based on direct observation
  • Feedback and Evaluation
  • Curriculum design and evaluation
  • Reflection and self-assessment


Examples of rotation activities include weekly morning report presentations with feedback from senior faculty, physical findings rounds, small-group didactic sessions with students, and one-on-one coaching with students in clinic.  Residents appreciate having time to focus their attention on teaching; many are surprised by the challenge and excitement of the rotation.

For more information on the Teaching Senior rotation, see the Rotation Guide and other materials »


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