Did you enjoy the AI symposium on April 17?

Hold the date - August 22nd, 2018 for AI in Medicine: Inclusion & Equity (AiMIE) Symposium, @ Stanford.

In partnership with the Stanford Center for Poverty and Inequality and The Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences. With underwriting from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Pioneer Portfolio.

Guiding the conversation at the intersection of

Engineering and the Art of Medicine.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data-driven algorithms are transforming industries. Meanwhile, modern healthcare struggles to improve its integration with information technologies.

With ever escalating costs, care variability and 1 in 10 wrong medical diagnoses contributing to tens of thousands of deaths in the US alone, medicine should be the one place where the best use of our people, data, and tools is most important. Lives literally hang in the balance.

Whether we are ready for it or not, AI/ML/data-driven technologies are progressively becoming a part of medicine. Yet medicine must remain fundamentally an endeavor of humans caring for other humans.

With purposeful foresight, this Human and Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Symposium will bring together a dynamic community of key thought leaders to guide and mature a conversation on recognizing the powerful potential of such engineering opportunities, while at the same time, mitigating the risks of many unintended, but predictable, consequences.

This meeting at the intersection of the art, science, engineering, and economics of medicine will empower clinicians to patients, engineers to philosophers, entrepreneurs to investors, educators to students and more. Experts/Experienced professionals/People from around the world will meet, network, and create a shared agenda for the merger of human with artificial intelligence in healthcare.

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Speaker Spotlight

Fei-Fei Li, PhD

Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google. Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department at Stanford, and the Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Robert M. Califf, MD, MACC

The Commissioner of Food and Drugs from February 2016 to January 2017

Chairing Committee