Application Process

Students who matriculate after 2019-2020 must review the Scholarly Concentration/MedScholars overview videos and complete the quiz in Canvas prior to applying for MedScholars.


PLAN by preparing to meet proposal deadlines.

This means: drafting your proposal, reviewing it with your research mentor, and -if desired- having it read by your Scholarly Concentration. Your SC Director can recommend a second reviewer in your SC area.

To receive a review within the SC you think your research falls, proposals must be given to the SC Director no less than one month before the deadline (ex. SC review by 9/1/22 for the 10/5/22 deadline).

Deadline 10/5/22 5:59pm for research to begin Winter Quarter 2022-23

Deadline 1/11/23 5:59pm for research to begin Spring Quarter 2022-23

*Deadline 2/15/23 5:59pm for first year MD students with MedScholars projects that require international travel to the research site (onsite for 6 weeks)

Deadline 4/5/23 5:59pm for  research to begin Summer Quarter 2022-23

Deadline 7/5/23 5:59pm for research to begin Autumn Quarter 2022-23

NOTE: Anyone intending to do research off the Stanford/SoM campus (i.e. Traveling Scholars) should apply two quarters before intended travel quarter.

Applications must be submitted in MedScholars Online by the appropriate application deadline listed above.