Completion Requirements

Students must submit a final completion for a Medical Scholars Research project:

  1. within 6 months of your last quarter of MedScholars funding
  2. always 4 weeks prior to graduation (see note below)
  3. always prior to beginning another MedScholars Research project
  4. before "N" grades are updated by our office

Completion includes:

  1. An oral presentation of the results of the project must be made. It is recommended that students present at the annual Stanford Medical Student Research Symposium. A presentation at a regional, national, or an international meeting also fulfills this requirement. A presentation at a local meeting with the following in attendance (faculty, postdoctoral fellow, or research associate) would require pre-approval by your mentor and SC Director, and is suggested only for projects with insufficient results.

  2. The report (due no later than 6 months after the last quarter of funding) should be submitted online in manuscript format (hypothesis, methods, results, bibliography) with emphasis on the results. The electronic file need not be extensive and may take the form of a progress report if time does not allow for the completion of the project and if the advisor deems that substantial work has been completed. If the work is being published, a paper can be the final report if the student made significant contributions to the paper. If you are not the first author listed on the paper, please contact for more information on how to meet this requirement.

  3. The report (due no later than 6 months after the last quarter of funding) should be uploaded via MEP - MedScholars. It will go through a similar process as to when the funding was applied for, with approval by the Faculty Advisor, an uploaded mentor letter of summary, and submitted to the Medical Scholars Program Coordinator through the MS Online system.

    Write a short summary letter upon completion of the student's project, commenting on the student’s performance, and his/her outlook as a future physician.

    If you are graduating within the 6 month window, deliverables will be due 4 weeks prior to graduation (ex: if graduation is June 12, MedScholars completion is due May 15).

    Note: Travel Scholars must also present their request for reimbursement no later than 30 days after returning from travel.  Please submit your request to the MedScholars Program Administrator.