GBSC is hiring!

The Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center is looking some people to join our team to support cutting-edge biomedical science.

We have an position for a motivated bioinformatician to support researchers via our Bioinformatics-as-a-Service (BaaS) consulting team.  They will contribute their expertise to researchers in different labs on a project-by-project basis.

For more information and to apply:

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Services Offered

The Genetics Bioinformatics Service Center (GBSC) is a School of Medicine service center operated by the Stanford Department of Genetics. The GBSC is set up to facilitate massive scale genomics at Stanford and supports omics, microbiome, sensor, and phenotypic data types. Our facilities are available to any Stanford University researcher and Stanford affiliates. We offer:

On-premises computational cluster: specially suited to NGS analysis

  • 3,500+ cores and 8+ Petabytes of high performance storage
  • Architecture specifically suited to large scale genomics data analysis but also supports general scientific computing
  • 900+ bioinformatics software packages installed and ready to use

"Bioinformatics-as-a-Service (BaaS)": hands-on help for your data

  • Payable on an hourly basis
  • Billable to Stanford PTAs
  • We support analysis for popular NGS data types such as RNA­Seq, ChIP­Seq, MethylSeq, Whole Genome/Whole Exome Seq, CancerSeq, and Microbiome, and analysis for new data types like Hi-C and ATAC-Seq.
  • Along with secondary analysis, we provide consulting in quality control, downstream tertiary analysis, data interpretation and visualization. Custom/novel development is available.
  • Consulting services leverages best-practices and cutting-edge methodologies developed by Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine core bioinformatics team.
  • Our bioinformatics services can also be provided to other academic institutes and industry. Please inquire for availability, rates, and  how to go about it.
  • For use cases and more information about the team, click here.

Google Cloud Gateway: for scale out computing

  • Cloud services backed by SU agreements 
  • Security compliance set up by GBSC system admins
  • Deep discounts for all Google services

Wearable Data Collection:  MyPHD platform

An end-to-end solution for gathering wearable data from subjects

  • Your study is pushed out to thousands of users on their mobile devices
  • When they opt in, we collect their wearable data and store it securely in our cloud platform
  • We deliver that data to you or process it in our cloud environment for you

Provided through a collaboration with the Deep Data Research Center 
at Stanford

How We Do Business

System Security: supports biomedical research compliance needs

User Support: for bioinformatics and distributed computing

  • Large user community, over 2000 users currently supported on the system
  • Regular office hours for hands-on training 
  • Email based troubleshooting and support offered during regular work hours
  • Detailed wiki 
  • Bioinformatics seminars. See the announcements on right hand side column.
  • Bioinformatics software package installation service is currently offered pro bono by Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine core bioinformatics team
  • Further community resources can be found here.

IT System Administration: for user and system management

  • On-premises infrastructure is hosted at Stanford Data Centers that offers >99% uptime
  • High performance computing system administration services are provided by the Stanford Research Computing Center team. This team has in-depth expertise across the spectrum of HPC services including storage, networking, schedulers, monitoring, operating systems, system security, vendor management, inventory and user management.

Financial Administration: University oversight for robustness and continuity

  • Stanford Department of Genetics provides financial backing and organizational support at no operational cost to GBSC
  • Oversight by Office of Research Administration, Policy and Compliance (RAPC)
  • Services offered at deeply discounted rates due to various SU subsidies and scale of operation
  • On-premises computing, cloud computing and consulting bills rolled into a single comprehensive invoice
  • Granular billing with details of services used, allowing project-specific funds to be used
  • Integrated with Stanford's iLabSolutions for billing management and ease of payment


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