Nominations Process

Dean's Marcia J. Cohen Inspiring Change Leadership Award

The School of Medicine will award the Marcia J. Cohen Inspiring Change Leadership Award to an individual (or two) whose passionate leadership has inspired or directed transformative improvements in service, efficiency, value, effectiveness, outcome, or satisfaction in the school. 

The winner(s) will each receive a $4,000 check. 

This award is sponsored and supported by the Clinical Science Department Chairs.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Staff employees must have inspired or directed transformative improvements in service, efficiency, value, effectiveness, outcome, or satisfaction in the School of Medicine.  Individuals should embody and demonstrate optimism, energy and passion in their leadership. The criteria for this award will be broad in scope so as to encompass an entire work group, department, multiple departments, or the school. 
  2. This annual award will be given to an individual in any department, institute, program, orcentral unit in the School of Medicine whose leadership fits the criteria above.  In the event of a “tie,” the evaluation committee may award more than one individual in a given year.
  3.  Individuals must have outstanding performance (confirmed during the evaluation process) and have completed service at the School of Medicine of at least two years as of December prior to the annual nomination process. Awardees must be School of Medicine employees at the time the Award is given.
  4. Individuals excluded from being nominated include Faculty, Clinician Educators, Instructors and Clinical Instructors, previous Inspiring Leader Award winners, and those in senior staff positions that report directly to the dean.

Who Can Nominate

Any faculty, staff, student, fellow and post doc working at the School of Medicine may nominate any eligible staff members (i.e., non-exempt and exempt) in any department or administrative area who meet the award criteria (see Eligibility Criteria above).

Self-nominations are not allowed. Leadership efforts should reach the level that others recognize and want to nominate the individual(s).

Nomination Process

All nominations must be electronic. Please use the online form to submit your ballot to the Inspiring Change Leadership Selection Committee, Human Resources Group.

The nomination period closes March 29, 2024.

Recipients will be selected and notified later in the Spring.

We are excited to bring this award forward once this year, and hope you will use this opportunity to nominate deserving employees. Thank you for your participation!