Get Involved

We are looking for smart, hard-working, and fun individuals to join our research team. We currently have positions for undergraduates, medical students, resident physicians, fellow physicians, and postdoctoral researchers. We are looking for individuals with strong background in cellular and molecular biology, airway biology, otolaryngology, and/or speech-language pathology. For interested individuals, please send your resume/curriculum vitae and a short description of why you are interested in our research to Dr. Elizabeth DiRenzo.


Make a Gift

By supporting our laboratory's research, you are supporting:

1. Educating and training the next generation of laryngeal scientists. 



2. Developing innovative research technology to study laryngeal mucosal biology.



3. Empowering our scientists in executing high-risk, high-reward experiments to make a major impact in the assessment and treatment of voice disorders.

Every dollar makes a difference in achieving these goals. Thank you for supporting our students, postdoctoral fellows, and research program.

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