Dr. DiRenzo’s voice research laboratory integrates research techniques from the basic and clinical sciences to improve the prevention and management of voice disorders.


Our research publications span a wide range of clinical, translational, and basic science topics related to normal and pathological laryngeal function.  

Meet the Team

The DiRenzo Lab is multidisciplinary team that includes undergraduates, medical students, resident and fellow physicians, research scientists, and postdoctoral researchers. We have expertise in cellular and molecular biology, airway biology, cancer biology, and otolaryngology and/or speech-language pathology. Our research team seeks to promote a diverse, safe, and inclusive training environment for individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other diverse backgrounds.  

Get Involved

As a translational research group, we are excited to collaborate with motivated scientists and clinician-scientists who share a passion for our mission to improve the prevention and management of voice disorders.


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