Stanford Endocrine Genetics Clinic

Complex Conditions Made Simple Through Prevention and Early Detection

Dr. Annes heads the Endocrine Genetics Clinic at Stanford University Hospital

Individuals who develop or have a family history of rare endocrine tumors such as a paraganglioma, pheochromocytoma, medullary thyroid cancer or a pancreatic neuroendocrine cell tumor may have a genetic condition. Diagnosing the presence of a hereditary condition is a critical step in patient care because affected individuals, healthy children, siblings and relatives may be at risk for additional tumors.

Our clinic works as part of a multi-disciplinary treatment team (endocrinologists, genetic counselors, radiologists, surgeons, pathologists and oncologists) to ensure patients and their families receive the best-possible care. The Endocrine Genetics Clinic at Stanford serves as the syndrome-specific primary care doctor for affected patients who require complex pre- and post-symptomatic multi-organ management. We recognize that the management of these conditions exceeds the capacity of most doctors. Patients need a management home that they can trust to manage their rare medical condition. We are experts in these specific disorders- its what we think about in the clinic and what we research in the lab.  

Areas of Expertise

Multiple Endocrine Neoplasias, Neurofibromatosis, vHL, Paraganglioma and Pheochromocytoma syndromes, GIST, FH, Carney Complex.


(Left, FDG-PET CT) We use a variety of advanced imaging modalities in a complementary fashion to ensure early disease detection and timely management.


We welcome patients and families interested in evaluation.  Please email Dr. Annes ( with inquiries of appropriateness.

Prior to making an appointment, all relevent genetic testing, imaging and laboratory results must be sent for review.  

Clinic Location

Stanford Hospital
300 Pasteur Drive
Boswell Building, Room A156
Stanford, CA 94305

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Stanford Hospital

300 Pasteur Drive, Boswell Building, Room A156
Stanford CA, 94305
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