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Accelerating the science to enhance well-being

Stanford WELL for Life wants to help you improve your health, wellness, and well-being, now and in the future. While much of Medicine is focused on diagnosing and treating diseases, Stanford WELL for Life provides a proactive approach for you to optimize your own well-being.

What is WELL for Life?

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Why join WELL for Life?

Get access to challenges, resources, and tips to improve your well-being from Stanford experts

Learn to improve your nutrition, physical activity, social relationships, sleep, stress management skills, and more

Contribute to the science of well-being, health, and wellness

To get started, complete the WELL for Life survey

Join the Purpose & Meaning Challenge

What's your purpose?

Knowing you purpose can give your life direction, meaning, and motivation to live every day true to yourself. A strong sense of purpose can positively impact nearly EVERY domain of well-being and research has shown it can have a number of benefits for your mind and body.

How nutritious is your diet?

Explore nutrition with WELL

Did you know all WELL participants who complete the Stanford WELL for Life Scale get access to the Food Frequency Questionnaire for free? The FFQ is one of the best tools to measure the nutrition in your diet, and delivers feedback as accurate as one year of recording every meal! Once you complete the scale click on How well do you eat?  under the Surveys heading to assess your nutrition.

What's your well-being score?

Get your well-being score!

The well-being score is finally here! This score as a great tool to measure your current state of well-being across the top 10 domains identified in our research. Compare your score with friends and family to see what domains you have similar experiences in, and discover where you can focus to improve your well-being. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect score!

Who are we?

WELL for Life is a new and cutting-edge study at the Stanford Prevention Research Center (SPRC). WELL is shifting the lens of chronic disease prevention by focusing on well-being- what does it mean to be well and how can we intervene to increase one's well-being.

Who can join?

Anyone 18 or older who lives in the US is invited. We would like to have people from all walks of life join us- sick, healthy, old, young, men, women, and anyone else is invited. 

How do you join?

Click “Join Now” and complete the informed consent form, which will provide you with details about your participation. Within the hour you will receive an email granting you access to the WELL portal. 

Free Membership

We will never charge you, ask for a credit card, or ask you to make a purchase.

Your Role at WELL

We will ask you to complete the well-being survey once each year. You will receive emails from us when we publish new content that you may be interested in. You are not obligated to respond and can stop participating at any time. 

The Well-being Survey

Our online survey can be completed in about 30-40 minutes, and will ask about a variety of factors that may impact your wellbeing. You can stop the survey and return to it at any time. 

Personalized Feedback

Each completed survey gives you customized feedback based on your results and/or quality information about the relevant topic. More complete surveys give more accurate feedback and access to informational content. 

Data Protection

Your information is protected by Stanford, HIPAA, and federal regulations. We will never share your identifying information without your consent.