Press and Updates

In the Press

Male mice hard-wired to recognize sex of other mice

Stanford Medicine article by Bruce Goldman
January 2019

Scientists know how to make mice angry—but mice know how to keep their cool

The first rule of mouse fight club.

Popular Science
July 2017

Social Control of Hypothalamus-Mediated Male Aggression

Faculty F1000 Prime  
August 2017

The Strange Case of Aggression and the Brain

Neuron Preview [pdf]
August 2017

City Visions: Male brain, female brain

KALW Interview
July 2017

The cognitive differences between men and women

Stanford Medicine article by Bruce Goldman
June 2017

Lab Updates

November 2019
Sayaka’s paper is published in Cell Journal!

May 2019

Sama’s paper is published in Cell Reports!

January 2019

Sayaka welcomes baby Kent - congratulations!

Daniel’s paper is published in Cell

December 2018

Nirao joins the Editorial Board of Neuron

September 2018

Nirao presents at Cold Spring Harbor Asia meeting, Japan

Ilana starts in the lab

July 2018

Nirao presents at the Annual meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society

May 2018

Nirao presents at 83rd Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium on Quantitative Biology (Brains and Behavior)

April 2018

Nirao gives keynote lecture at OSSD annual meeting

Gabe participates in annual meeting of American Association of Anatomists

Nirao participates in the NIH BRAIN Investigators Meeting in Washington DC

Chung-ha starts in lab

Adarsh starts in lab

March 2018

Nirao hosts Fan Wang for Stanford Neurosciences Institute seminar

Feb 2018

Nirao teaches medical students in Nbio 206

Jan 2018

Gabe wins award from American Association of Anatomists

Jan 2018

Taehong gives talk at Keystone meeting

Dec 2017

Karen Dai finishes her undergrad research in lab

Ali Malik finishes his undergrad research in lab

Nov 2017

Nirao’s lab (Daniel, Sayaka, Taehong) hosts Lab Evening in the Dept. of Neurobiology

Nirao hosts Steve Liberles for Bio-X interdisciplinary seminar

Nirao & Marius teach Responsible Conduct of Research Nepr 212

Oct 2017

Nirao & Aaron teach Genetics Core Nepr 213

Sep 2017

Nirao gives talk at circuit meeting in Ascona

Aug 2017

Sama defends and is off to the Murthy lab