From Nirao's Lab

A neural circuit for male sexual behavior and reward. Cell, 2023 Aug, 186, 1–20. Bayless DW, Davis CO, Yang R, ..., Ding JB, Luo L, Shah NM [pdf]

Hypothamlamic neurons that mirror aggression. Cell, 2023 Feb, 186, 1-17. Yang T, Bayless DW, Wei Y, ..., Luo L, Druckmann S, and Shah NM [pdf]

Oxytocin receptor is not required for social attachment in prairie voles. Neuron, 2023 Jan, 111, 1–10. Berendzen K, Sharma R, Alvarado Mandujano M, Wei Y...,
Bales KL, Shah NM, and Manoli DS.  [pdf]

A functional cellular framework for sex and estrous cycle-dependent gene expression and behavior. Cell. 2022 Jan, 185, e1–e18. Knoedler J, Inoue S, Bayless DW, Yang T, Tantry A, Davis CH, Leung NY, Parthasarathy S, Wang G, Alvarado M, Rizvi A, Fenno LE, Ramakrishnan C, Deisseroth K, and Shah NM.

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