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In the Press

A very sexy circuit

Nature Neurocience article by Shari Wiseman
September 2023

Feeling Sexy? Stanford Scientists find where lust lives - in mice

San Jose Mercury News article by Lisa M. Krieger
August 2023

Is Science Getting Closer to the Brain Center for Male Libido?

U.S. News article by Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter
August 2023

Breakthrough Stanford study locates brain's sexual drive circuitry in mice

SF Chronicle article by Gabe Castro Root                                 

August 2023

Mapping Mating Circuits

Written by Darren Yates, Chief Editor, Nature Reviews Neuroscience         August 2023

Mouse Brain Cells Activate When They Witness a Fight

The Scientist Magazine article by

Mariella Bodemeier Loayza Careaga, Ph.D.

June 2023

'Mirror neurons' fire up during mouse battles

Nature article by Max Kozlov
February 2023

Scientists discover mirror neurons in mice and find they're tuned into aggression.

Stanford Medicine New Center article by Nina Bai
February 2023

Le campagnol, fidèle en amour, avec ou sans ocytocine

Le Monde article by Nathaniel Herzberg
February 2023

Scientists Tried to Break Cuddling. Instead, They Broke 30 Years of Research

The Atlantic article by Katherine J. Wu
January 2023


Mind-blowing’ study upends conventional wisdom on oxytocin

Spectrum article by Angie Voyles Askham
January 2023


Do Men's and Women's Brains Really Work Differently? A New Study Says Yes

Martha article by Madeline Buiano
January 2022

Sex-typical behavior of mice guided by differences in brain’s gene activity

Stanford Medicine article by Bruce Goldman
January 2022

Male mice hard-wired to recognize sex of other mice

Stanford Medicine article by Bruce Goldman
January 2019

Scientists know how to make mice angry—but mice know how to keep their cool

The first rule of mouse fight club.

Popular Science
July 2017

Social Control of Hypothalamus-Mediated Male Aggression

Faculty F1000 Prime  
August 2017

The Strange Case of Aggression and the Brain

Neuron Preview [pdf]
August 2017

City Visions: Male brain, female brain

KALW Interview
July 2017

The cognitive differences between men and women

Stanford Medicine article by Bruce Goldman
June 2017

Lab Updates

October 2023

Renzhi featured in Wu Tsai Neuro Q&A article: Uncovering a role for plasticity in innate behavior

August 2023

Research on "male sexual behavior and reward" from Daniel, Chung-Ha, Renzhi, Vini, et al., published in Cell.


February 2023

Taehong's identification of aggression-mirroring neurons study published in Cell.


January 2023

Maricruz's and Yichao's oxytocin receptor knockout study published in Neuron.


Renzhi Yang joins Wu Tsai Neuro's ninth cohort of Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Scholars.  

August 2022

Vinicius Miessler de Andrade Carvalho has been selected to join the Pew Latin American Fellows Program.

Press Release

June 2022

Dan Landayan is awarded a Barres Postdoctoral Fellowship. 

January 2022

Joe’s paper is now out in Cell! Read it here. Congrats to this dream team for the beautiful story.

Congrats to Nicole, who welcomes her baby girl.

Congrats to Leo Gozali for passing his Quals exam!

July 2021

Congrats to Grace Wang for her Cardinal fellowship!

June 2021

Sayaka Inoue is awarded the Young Investigator's Award from The Japan Neuroscience Society. Sayaka is one of five awardees to receive the high honor.


April 2021

Adarsh Tantry, member of Shah Lab, received offers from multiple top ranked graduate programs in Neuroscience.
Adarsh has accepted to attend Stanford University.

November 2020

Nirao Shah is elected as Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 


October 2020

Sayaka Inoue is awarded the 2020 Sammy Kuo Award in Neuroscience for best Postdoctoral Research Paper

September 2020

Nicole Leung is awarded the BRAIN Initiative (NRSA), Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship (F32)

August 2020

Dan Landayan is awarded an NIH Supplement Grant

July 2020

Nicole Leung is awarded the Walter V. and Idun Berry Postdoctoral Fellowship.  

November 2019
Sayaka’s paper is published in Cell Journal!

May 2019

Sama’s paper is published in Cell Reports!

January 2019

Sayaka welcomes baby Kent - congratulations!

Daniel’s paper is published in Cell