Unit 5 - What Can I Do About It?

Units are collections of activities that are organized by a specific topic and placed in a recommended sequence. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn and practice skills that will allow students to resist e-cigarette/vape pen use.

  2. Review the information they learned from the e-cigarette/vape pen module activities.

  3. Create individual projects to reflect on the impact of e-cigarettes/vape pens.


Activity Preview


Lesson 5.1: What Can I do about It?

This type of activity pushes students to think outside the box and respond creatively.

Info-rich activity that provides an overview of key issues and allows for discussion.

Project-based activity that can create a greater conversation in the community.

Unit Kahoot!

There is no Kahoot Quiz for this unit.

Unit Discussion Guide

Conversation starter for a young person and a trusted adult in their life.