Active Grants

1U01CA187947-01A1 (Principal Investigator)

Computing, Optimizing, and Evaluating Quantitative Cancer Imaging Biomarkers


The goal of this project is to develop a cloud-based resource for generating image features of tumors and evaluating their absolute and relative efficacy for predicting dependent variables, such as response, survival, cancer genomics. 

R01 CA160251-01 (Principal Investigator)

Tools for Linking and Mining Image and Genomic Data in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer


The goal of this project is to develop tools for creating an integrated database of imaging, clinical, and genomic features in non-small cell lung cancer and to mine it for relationships to prognosis.

U01CA142555 (co-Investigator)

Computerized Quantitative Imaging Assessment of Tumor Burden


The goal of this project is to develop tools that use imaging data to be able to better predict response to treatments in clinical trials.


Advanced Techniques in Cancer Imaging (Preceptor: 3/01/93-12/31/2011)
Advanced Techniques in Cancer Imaging (Program Director: 1/01/12-2/31/2013)
Stanford Cancer Imaging Training (SCIT) Program (Program Director: 3/01/13-2/28/2018)


The goal of this project is to train radiologists and scientists to contribute the to ongoing development of cancer imaging techniques.

1R25 CA118681 (Preceptor)

Stanford Molecular Imaging Scholars (SMIS)


The goal of this project is to train scientists and advance the field of oncologic molecular imaging.

R01 EB014955 (Stanford subcontract PI)

Accelerating Community-Driven Medical Innovation with VTK


The goal of this project is to accelerate the development and adoption of the Kitware platforms to advance medical imaging applications of software on a major scale.

U24 CA180927 (Stanford subcontract PI)

Informatics Tools For Optimized Imaging Biomarkers For Cancer Research & Discovery
(MGH prime)


Goal: To develop a cloud-based infrastructure for on-going quantitative comparison and evaluation of segmentation and characterization tools.

U01 CA190214 (co-Investigator)

Qualification and Deployment of Imaging Biomarkers of Cancer Treatment Response


Goal: To develop an infrastructure for evaluating imaging biomarkers, repurposing imaging data to develop new image biomarkers, and facilitating the introduction of new imaging biomarkers into clinical trials. 

R01 EB019064 (co-Investigator)

Radiogenomics Framework For Non-Invasive Personalized Medicine


Goal: To build a system for integration of imaging and genomics data for imaging genomics investigations. 

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