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  • Beckers Health

    Health system leaders join Microsoft-backed nonprofit

    Mayo Clinic, Duke Health, and Stanford Health Care leaders join board of Microsoft-backed nonprofit focused on AI transparency in healthcare.

  • Minor Consult

    How AI Could Improve the Physician Experience

    AI technologies hold vast potential to improve the daily experience of being a physician. In the latest Consult Newsletter, Dean Lloyd Minor discusses an array of innovations — many in use at Stanford Medicine — that promise to enhance the care we provide and research we conduct, rejuvenating the fulfillment long associated with practicing medicine.

  • Examining AI's Role in Medicine

    Examining AI's Role in Medicine

    Dr. Lloyd Minor, Dean of the Stanford School of Medicine, explains how synthetic biology is now being "supercharged" with AI. Dr. Minor also dives into other ways new technology might enhance medicine in the future. He joins David Westin on "Wall Street Week" daily.

  • Stanford Medicine Magazine

    Leaders look toward responsible, ethical AI for better health

    Some of Stanford University’s guiding lights on matters AI and ethics share insight about how to ensure the change AI brings is for the better.

  • The Wall Street Journal

    Why AI Is Medicine’s Biggest Moment Since Antibiotics

    The dean of Stanford University’s medical school thinks artificial intelligence will transform the medicines you take, the care you get, and the training of doctors.