Past Events


RAISE Health Symposium

RAISE Health’s inaugural symposium hosted an essential discussion about the role of artificial intelligence in our health. Conversations across the morning plenary sessions explored AI's potential to transform medicine and spotlight critical challenges to ensuring that AI is developed safely, responsibly, and for the benefit of society. 

Access the recording of all sessions here

AIMI Symposium 2024

The AIMI Symposium serves as the center's flagship annual meeting, focusing on the pioneering developments and significant strides in AI that are shaping the future of healthcare. 

Join AIMI on May 15, 2024, to help hear how they are shaping a collaborative future where AI in health leads with groundbreaking research, innovative application, and a commitment to advancing health for all. 

StanfordMed LIVE

The State of AI in Health and Medicine.

Join us on March 18, 2024 for a virtual disucssion with Stanford Medicine leaders.