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  • Jagannath Padmanabhan

    Jagannath Padmanabhan

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Bio Jagannath (Jagan) Padmanabhan, PhD is a postdoctoral research fellow in Dr. Geoffrey Gurtner’s laboratory in the Department of Surgery at Stanford University. He is a bioengineer by training (PhD, Yale University 2016) and his research interests lie at the interface of bioengineering, surgery and data science, exploring the role of mechanotransduction in biomedical implant rejection. He uses single cell transcriptomics, bioinformatics, bioengineering tools, small animal surgical models and clinical specimens to interrogate fibrotic events at the biomaterial-tissue interface and during wound healing.

    Jagan is also passionate about science education and public engagement with science. He teaches a course on “Nanobiomaterials” for high school students at the Stanford Summer Institute (multiple sessions). He also runs a blog for scientists, seekers and skeptics at

    Quick fact: Four languages and counting.

  • David T. Paik

    David T. Paik

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cardiovascular Institute

    Bio Dr. David Paik is a postdoctoral fellow working with Dr. Joseph Wu at Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. At Stanford, his focus is to utilize single-cell RNA-sequencing technology to elucidate patient-specific mechanisms of various cardiovascular diseases, characterize embryonic heart development, and optimize differentiation of iPSCs to subtypes of cardiovascular cells. Dr. Paik received his BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Boston University (2010) and PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology at Vanderbilt University (2015). At Vanderbilt, Dr. Paik was trained by Dr. Antonis Hatzopoulos to investigate the endogenous cardiac repair mechanisms in the adult heart following ischemic injury such as myocardial infarction. In particular, Dr. Paik focused on the role of Wnt signaling pathway on coronary vessel formation and plasticity of cardiac endothelial cells during cardiac tissue repair. During his PhD training, Dr. Paik completed HHMI/VUMC Certificate Program in Molecular Medicine, where he was supervised by his clinical mentor Dr. Douglas Sawyer to interact with congestive heart failure patients and to bridge clinical sciences with basic and translational cardiovascular research.

  • Feng Pan

    Feng Pan

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Pathology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests I intend to contribute to a better understanding of the genetic basis of cancer, with a specific focus on the role of epigenetic regulators or epigenetic marks in the pathogenesis of AML. I will also undertake basic work in defining the landscape of mammalian epigenome in both normal and malignant states, and the molecular mechanisms by which integration of all these data establish a 3D regulatory network. I am especially interested in identifying and characterizing the biological mechanisms of cancer stem cells from an epigenetic perspective through which the mechanistic and biological relevance of many epigenetic regulators will be unraveled and connected.