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  • Craig Levin

    Craig Levin

    Professor of Radiology (Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford/Nuclear Medicine) and, by courtesy, of Physics, of Electrical Engineering and of Bioengineering

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Molecular Imaging Instrumentation

    Our research interests involve the development of novel instrumentation and software algorithms for in vivo imaging of cellular and molecular signatures of disease in humans and small laboratory animal subjects.

  • Joseph C. Liao

    Joseph C. Liao

    Associate Professor of Urology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests My laboratory is engaged in translational research to develop new in vitro and in vivo diagnostic tools for diseases of the urinary tract based on micro- and nanotechnology. We are developing an integrated biosensor platform optimized for point-of-care urinary diagnostics, particularly for urinary tract infections and bladder cancer. We are also developing in vivo imaging tools for applications in image-guided surgery.

  • Jafi Alyssa Lipson

    Jafi Alyssa Lipson

    Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology

    Current Research and Scholarly Interests Dr. Lipson's research interests include breast density and breast cancer risk assessment; informatics applications in breast imaging; early breast cancer detection and extent of disease evaluation using contrast enhanced mammography, digital breast tomosynthesis, and high resolution breast MRI; novel blood and imaging biomarkers of breast cancer burden and neoadjuvant treatment response; and image-guided wireless localization techniques for breast surgery.

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