About The Division

Our Division consists of experienced and world-renowned neuroradiology faculty and fellows who specialize in interpreting imaging studies of the brain, spine, and head and neck as well as in neurointervention. We offer minimally invasive treatment of cerebral aneurysms and other cerebral vascular malformations, stenting of carotid arteries, vertebroplasty, and image-guided biopsy. We have developed a unique expertise in advanced neuroimaging techniques including dual-energy CT, functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging and tractography, spectroscopy, and perfusion imaging, including noncontrast methods such as arterial spin labeling. We are the only center in the Bay Area to offer the brain “stress test”, an advanced blood flow imaging to evaluate cerebrovascular reserve. We offer rapid, dedicated stroke MR and CT imaging meant to differentiate between completed stroke and “at-risk” tissue, with automated decision support software that has been validated in multicenter trial.