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Li Lab: Integrative Imaging & Molecular Diagnostics

Our lab is focused on the discovery, development, and clinical validation of imaging and molecularly based biomarkers for personalized cancer medicine.  We are interested in a variety of applications including early cancer detection and diagnosis, as well as prediction of treatment response and prognosis.

We are a multidisciplinary team with a diverse background and yet converging theme.  Our goal is to clinically translate novel biomarkers to guide management and therapy selection and ultimately improve outcomes for cancer patients.

To achieve this goal, we integrate large-scale imaging and molecular data sets with clinical annotations, and apply existing or develop new machine learning methods.  We employ two complementary approaches for biomarker discovery, with the following focus areas:

1.    Imaging analysis including radiologic and histopathologic data.

2.    Molecular analysis including genomic and transcriptomic data.