The Integrated Human Microbiome Project is a joint collaboration between Dr. Michael Snyder at Stanford University and Dr. George Weinstock at The Jackson Laboratory.
Below are the team members respective to their associated lab.

Stanford Team

Dr. Michael Snyder, the Principal Investigator and Director for the Stanford Center for Genomics & Personalized Medicine, oversees the project.

Dr. Wenyu Zhou is the project lead at the Snyder Laboratory and oversees the daily management of this project. She leads the experimental benchmarkings and data analysis of microbiome metagenomic, metatranscriptomic as well as metaproteomic profilings. In addition, she works closely with members of NIH Human Microbiome Project (HMP) consortium. 

Dr. Reza Sailani lead the Infection and Immunization host RNA sequencing analyses. 

Dr. Kevin Contrepois leads the metabolomics of the project. He works closely with Dr. Brittany Lee and Dr. Songjie Chen, profilling hundreds of blood plasma from the project.

Dr. Sara Ahadi leads the proteomics, particularly on the SWATH platform. She works closely with Dr. Daniel Hornburg and Dr. Hannes Rost to support the proteome profiling need of the project.

Dr. Tracey McLaughlin directs clinical patient recruiting and management.

Other personnel involved previously:

Shannon Rego is our genetic counselor that works with our participants.

Dr. John Bernstein manages genetic counseling for the study.

Dr. Brian D Piening acts as the additional project coodinator alongside Dr. Wenyu Zhou.

Dr. Lihua Jiang, a proteomics expert in the Snyder Laboratory with 10 years of mass spectrometry experience (including industry at Thermo Scientific), is responsible for proteomics profiling of host samples of the project.

Dr. Somalee Datta and her team in the Stanford Center for Genomics & Personalized Medicine works diligently to support the informatics need of the study.

Denis Salins handled the data organization and data sharing of the study.

Kimberly Kukurba, graduate student in the Genetics Department, coordinated early phase of the project.


Jackson Laboratory Team

Dr. George Weinstock, the Co-Principal Investigator and Director of Microbial Genomics at Jackson Laboratory has extensive experience with large projects and was a leader of the HMP1. He will be co-Director and oversee the activities at Jackson Laboratory.

Dr. Erica Sodergren is the project coordinator at the Weinstock Laboratory and will  oversee the sample processing, data collection and analyses of the metagenomic and microbiome samples.

Dr. Shana Leopold will take a lead role in sample management and data production.

Dr. Yanjiao Zhou will take a lead role in integrative data analysis of the microbiome data, including bacterial and viral aspects.

Dr. Purva Vats will be the manager of laboratory activities.

Dr. Lauren Petersen will be the lead in the metagenomic RNA-Seq data production.

Dr. Eddy Bautista will be in charge of the functional/metabolic analysis of metagenomic data.

Dr. Samantha Smith will provide virome analysis.

Benjamin Leopold manages pipelines for data analysis, data transfer, and website administration.