Everything we do, we believe in improving the human condition


We use a multidisciplinary approach leveraging the brightest minds across academia and industry.

We develop tools, technologies, and applications, inspired by humans for humanity.

We transfer research and knowledge into marketable products and companies.

Dr. Khizer Khaderi and HPL team with the World Health Organization discussing the future of human intelligent technologies

We are a collective of academics, entrepreneurs, and innovators

driven to building human intelligent AI via an embodied approach.

Approach: Human Sensory Systems + Human-Machine Interfaces = Human Intelligent AI

Human Sensory Systems

We are developing and utilizing sensors measuring humans in multiple dimensions. For the first time we can capture, interpret and integrate the outputs of these sensors with behavior models for improving human-machine interfaces and enabling human-intelligent AI.

Human-Machine Interfaces

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI) are evolving faster than our understanding of their effects on our behavior, lifestyle and health. We are helping machines understand human behavior to enable natural communication with us as means to achieving human-intelligent AI. 

Human Intelligent AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing our way of life, yet it is currently limited to task intelligence. We are taking an embodied approach to the brain and human behavior to systematically advance machine intelligence.