Start learning about the fascinating world of Precision Medicine from Stanford research scientists on Stanford Data Ocean. You will discover how deep data is revolutionizing the future of healthcare by harnessing diverse biomedical datasets and cutting-edge AI/ML techniques. Once you achieve a passing grade on the certificate exam, you will receive the certificate from the Department of Genetics at Stanford University. Registration is on Eventbrite.

This program welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, with no prerequisites required. Whether you're a high-school student, undergraduate, MD, MS, PhD candidate, or an adult learner seeking to delve into Precision Medicine, this course provides a solid foundation. Upon passing the program's final exam, you'll receive a certificate granted by the Department of Genetics at Stanford University.

Our Bioinformatics learning journey encompasses Research Ethics, Programming (R and Python), Statistics, Data Visualizations, and Cloud Computing. Once these fundamentals are mastered, you'll dive into advanced Precision Medicine topics such as Genomics, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Medical Imaging, and Wearable data.  

With one click, you will easily access step-by-step instructions, data, and code essential for bioinformaticians. Watch this informative walk through video to learn moreabout Stanford Data Ocean:

Course Description

Embark on a self-paced learning journey through Stanford Data Ocean, a comprehensive platform for Precision Medicine education. Regardless of your prior experience, you'll swiftly gain proficiency in pro

cessing and analyzing diverse public health datasets using modules designed by lecturers and researchers from Stanford University.

As a self-paced learning platform, you have the flexibility to progress through each learning module on Jupyter Notebook at your own pace. The certificate can be completed within a maximum of 40 hours. While there is no strict time limit, we encourage students to follow a suggested timeline for optimal momentum:

  • Week 1: Research Ethics and Programming Basics

  • Week 2: Data Analysis Tools

  • Week 3: Cloud Computing and First 6 modules in Bioinformatics

  • Week 4: Last 6 modules in Bioinformatics

    To help you stay on track, utilize our Certificate Study Planner. Once you sign up, we will provide you with the PDF version to get started.


Register for the course on Eventbrite. Registration Fee is $695. Secure your enrollment today.