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Postdoctoral Researcher

The ideal candidate for the postdoctoral researcher opening should have strong expertise in two or more of the following areas: stem cells, molecular biology, animal models or polymer/biomaterials synthesis. Prior experience in applying stem cells or biomaterials for tissue engineering or drug delivery applications is a plus. A Ph.D. degree in biological sciences, bioengineering, materials Science and Engineering, chemistry, or other related fields is desired.

Graduate Student

Currently we are looking for multiple highly motivated and intelligent students. Note: We can only accept students that have been admitted in the Stanford programs already. Please apply through the departments directly if you are interested in joining the Stanford programs.

Undergraduate Student

We always look for passionate and dedicated undergraduate researchers to join our lab, with the goal to contribute significantly to generate co-authored publications in the end. Our lab has a group of wonderful and hardworking undergrads from various disciplines, and they play a significant role in our lab research. If this aligns with what you are looking for, please eamil Prof. Yang with your application pdf as listed above.