Areas of Study


Ex vivo systems

Biomechanical assays

Large animal models

Heart Biomechanics

We are studying the biomechanics of complex congenital heart disease using a 3D-printed heart simulator that generates physiologic pressures and flows. Porcine heart valves are mounted onto custom MRI-derived ventricular mounts and subjected to disease conditions and repair in this previously validated heart simulator. High speed video measurements of leaflet coaptation area and optical force sensors that mimic the biomechanical characteristics of chordae tendineae are used to evaluate the efficacy of surgical repair strategies.

Atrioventricular valve insufficiency is an important cause of Fontan failure. Our goal is to further our understanding of the mechanics underpinning this dilation by studying force profiles on morphologic right sided atrioventricular valves in response to annular dilation. Our results suggest that forces redistribute across the leaflets in response to asymmetric dilation.

High speed video of the tricuspid valve under Norwood physiology conditions