National Daily Health Survey
for Coronavirus

Thank You from the Team

Thank you for your participation in the National Daily Health Survey.  We are very grateful for your time and support.  Your responses have helped our researchers better understand the prevalence and spread of COVID-19 in our communities.  With your help, we surpassed 12 Million responses, 200,000 participants and received responses from all 50 states.  We are excited to share our preliminary findings with you!

We thank you again for your contribution to this important effort.  We are still in the midst of this pandemic and it is more important than ever that we all take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our communities.  Stay safe!

Preliminary Results

Thanks to your dedication to completing the survey each day, we have discovered valuable insights about COVID-19 and are pleased to share some with you today. Survey respondents reported the following numbers:

  • 7.9% of face-to-face workers test positive compared to 2.7% of non-face-to-face workers when receiving a COVID swab test.
  • There is a 9x increased prevalence in the loss of taste and smell reported from participants that swab-tested COVID positive vs. negative (37.6% vs. 4.3%).
  • Similarly, there is a 4.3x increased prevalence of fever in COVID positive vs. negative participants (40.3% vs. 9.3%).
  • There is also a 4x increased prevalence of chills in COVID positive vs. negative participants (35.0% vs. 8.7%).

With your responses, we see a correlation with actual cases 5 days in advance

Using test result responses from the top 100 responding counties, we can generate a signal (blue line) which correlates with actual cases (orange dots) 5 days in advance.

*Signal based on participant-reported results, not representative sample

Next Steps

As vaccinations have begun for eligible groups, we will be closing the National Daily Health Survey.

We are now working to understand the diverse views regarding the COVID-19 vaccination.  We encourage you to help us by completing this one-time COVID-19 Vaccine Views Survey.

Additional Information and Resources


Find out more about how to stay healthy


As COVID-19 vaccinations become available to the public, we encourage you to protect yourself against the virus by becoming vaccinated.


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