Faculty Advisors

Research Mentors

  • Thomas P. Andriacchi, Ph.D.
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Functional Restoration

    Professor Andriacchi's research has focused on the biomechanics of human locomotion and its biomedical applications to artificial joints, sports injury, osteoarthritis, and neuromuscular disorders.  Current research is applied to the treatment and prevention of degenerative joint disease and the prevention and treatment of sports related injuries to the knee joint. His laboratory is also developing new methods of motion capture and medical imaging to be applied to the study of musculoskeletal injury and disease.
    SoM Collaborators: Stuart Goodman (Surgery - Orthopedics), David Shurman (Surgery - Orthopedics) , Gordon Matheson (Surgery - Orthopedics), Garry Gold (Radiology), Nick Giory (Surgery - Orthopedics), Mike Dillingham (SHS sports medicine program)
  • Dennis R. Carter, Ph.D.
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering and (by courtesy) Orthopaedics

    Professor Carter is involved in theoretical and experimental work on connective tissue mechanobiology and biomechanics. Research areas include the role of mechanical stresses in skeletal development, adaptation, aging, and evolution. This work is often directed toward clinical problems and treatments associated with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and skeletal repair.
    SoM Collaborators: Michael Longaker (Surgery), R. Lane Smith (Surgery - Orthopedics), David Kingsley (Developmental Biology), Nick Giori (Surgery - Orthopedics), Stuart Goodman (Surgery - Orthopedics), Dave Schurman (Surgery - Orthopedics)
  • Scott Delp, PhD.
    Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    Chair, Bioengineering Department

    Dr. Delp combines experimental and computational approaches to study human movement. His work draws on computational mechanics, medical imaging, and neuromuscular biology to improve treatments for neurologic and musculoskeletal diseases. He and his students are engaged in the development of highly realistic simulations of the musculoskeletal system. These simulations have been used to study neural control of movement, mechanisms of musculoskeletal diseases, and to design surgeries and medical devices.
    SoM Collaborators: Terry Sanger, (Neurology) Helen Bronte-Stuart, (Neurology) James Gamble, (Orthopedics), Garry Gold (Radiology), James Spudich (Biochemistry), Michael Levitt (Structural Biology)
  • Garry Gold, MD
    Professor of Radiology and (by courtesy) Bioengineering and Orthopaedic Surgery

    Dr. Gold's research is focused on using imaging to improve understanding of musculsoskeletal physiology, anatomy, and pathology. He works with x-ray, CT, and MRI to improve diagnoistic and functional imaging of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. Current research is applied to osteoarthritis, imaging around metallic implants, patellofemoral pain, and hip pathology.
    Major collaborators: Scott Delp (Bioengineering), Brian Hargreaves (Radiology), Marc Levenston (Mechanical Engineering), John Pauly (Electrical Engineering), Marc Safran (Orthopedics), Tom Andriacchi (Mechanical Engineering).
  • Gregory T. A. Kovacs, M.D., Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and (by courtesy) of Medicine

    Dr. Kovacs' research focuses on the development of biomedical sensors and systems for a variety of applications including biomedical instrumentation and sensors for monitoring human physiology, biomedical diagnostics (miniaturization, automation, instrument development), and biological payloads for spaceflight. Dr. Kovacs served on the Undergraduate Programs committee for the Department of Bioengineering.
    SoM Collaborators: Judith Swain (Cardiovascular Medicine), Paul Yock (Cardiovascular Medicine), Peter Fitzgerald (Cardiovascular Medicine), David Liang (Cardiovascular Medicine), Graham Sommer (Radiology)