In Memoriam

Mehrdad V. Sananda '64

Submitted on behalf of his daughter, Fatima. 

8.10.39 - 1.23.22  My father was born into the Qajar Imperial Family who ruled Iran for 140 years. His Aunt was the Queen of Iran during the Pahlavi Dynasty. His father was a well-respected and distinguished Ambassador who was appointed to several countries during his career. His father’s appointments allowed my father the opportunity to understand and connect with the people he met. He entered Harvard College at the age of 16. He obtained his medical degree from Stanford University from which he graduated with straight A’s. Through incredible hard work he built a successful medical practice which he had for nearly 40 years. He was an “old school” doctor. He spent time with his patients, listening to everything on their mind, never rushing them out of his office. He did home visits any time of the day or night. Despite his very successful career, he remained a modest and humble man. He was offered numerous honors and awards. He declined all of these because he regarded these things as empty vanities. He contributed generously to all and expected nothing in return. 

Throughout my life he taught me the importance of faith and love, of courage and strength, and of friendship and commitment. 

I loved him every day, and now I will miss him every day.