Nicotine Addiction


This module provides information about the human brain and the unique aspects of the adolescent brain, addiction, and the specifics of nicotine addiction.

It was designed with an inverse pyramidal approach (see image to the right), broadly covering the function of the brain, followed by a general discussion of the interaction between the brain and drugs in addiction development, and ending with an in-depth look at nicotine addiction specifically. 

Teachers should orient themselves to the module with the Brain, Addiction, and Nicotine Addiction Crash Courses then download any materials before class and review the activity lesson plans.

Speakers' notes are embedded in the PowerPoint.

Each Unit has a Kahoot! Quiz linked below and can be used a pre and post quiz to see how much students know before and after instruction. Discussion Guides found below can be assigned as take-home assignments.


Module Goals

1. Gain a broad understanding of the function of the human brain

2. Gain a broad understanding of the development of the brain during adolescence

3. Understand addiction as a chronic brain disease

4. Understand how addiction to nicotine develops







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