Activity: What Do You Know/Want to Know?


Educators should download the lesson plan and activity materials which contains speakers' notes.


1. This activity will allow students to discuss information they have heard or learned about hookah and list any questions they have about hookah.

2. This will give the educator a sense of what students already know and would like to know, and students will be able to track what they learn as the class moves through activities.




A quick and impactful activity that sparks student thinking and conversation.

Activity Preview



Preview of Brainstorming Worksheet

Branching Out

Whether you have more teaching time or want to dive into similar topics to form a lesson, here are just a few options of other Toolkit curriculum items that you can use with this activity.



This gives students an overview of hookah, including the harms associated with using it.


Hookah Curriculum

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Hookah Kahoot

Quiz students on what they know or learned about the harms of using hookah.