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  • Rossana Gonzalez-Ayala

    Rossana Gonzalez-Ayala

    Division Manager, Med/Infectious Diseases

    Current Role at Stanford Division Manager for Infectious Diseases & Geographic Medicine. The Division is committed to the prevention and treatment of Infectious Diseases Worldwide. The Division encompasses all aspects of infectious diseases and geographic medicine, including clinical microbiology, hospital epidemiology, AIDS, international health, mechanisms of pathogenesis, the role of microbes in chronic & unexplained disease, human microbial ecology, parasitology, microbial & viral genomics, and tropical medicine.

  • Marcie Zinn

    Marcie Zinn

    Experimental Neuropsychologist & Research Consultant, Med/Infectious Diseases

    Current Role at Stanford The research we conduct focuses on the cognitive neuroscience of chronic infection-related diseases. We are currently exploring how the brain represents fatigue, post-exertional malaise and cognitive impairment in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. With neurologically healthy and impaired participants, one prominent goal is to develop neuropsychological models of how infectious disease can produce cognitive impairment. Using a combination of Clinical Neuropsychiatric techniques, Neuropsychological testing and Electroencephalographic (EEG) measurement, we relate functional brain dynamics to patient symptoms in real time.

    Our research team is also interested in motor control in CFS. Our current work suggests disturbances in response selection and overall control of movement within CFS. Hypotheses include how individuals with CFS process information related to attention shifting and preparation of response alternatives. We are interested in all high level functions of the cortex and how subcortical structures control the cortex.

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