In 2012, I was blessed with the opportunity to treat a young girl’s laceration in Po Thum, a small village in Cambodia. It was a simple first aid procedure, but I could see worry in her eyes. Familiar with that feeling as a child, I took out a Care Bear band aid and bandaged her. Her frightened look seamlessly turned into a smile. Effortlessly, I began to smile too, and since then, that smile has stayed with me. From that day on, I’ve made it my life’s mission to heal others and leave them with that exact same smile.

I dream to become a pediatrician and provide quality healthcare to children from all walks of life. My dream is daunting but I’ve recently overcome one of my biggest obstacles, obtaining my Bachelor’s in Physiology from San Francisco State University. Throughout my undergraduate career, I’ve gained incredible support as President of the Pre-Health Professions Student Alliance and also, as a student of the Stanford Summer Health Career Opportunity Program. Complemented with the support as an advisor for Our Lady of La Vang Leadership, a nonprofit Christian youth group, my passion to serve is continuously nurtured by the hearts and minds of the people I work with.

Through COMET, by working alongside physicians who improve the quality of life for many, inspire communities to revolutionize healthcare, and heal patients with both medicine and compassion, I hope to be further molded into the physician that I dream to become, one the world needs.

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Chief Scribe, COMET Fellowship (Stanford Family Medicine)


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