Below are the three possible clerkship statuses


When a student is notified for a clerkship, s/he has to make a choice whether to accept the clerkship or drop it. The student is guaranteed a space in the clerkship if s/he decides to accept it before the acceptance period expires. By default, the acceptance period is 7 days.


When a student has accepted a notified clerskhip and plans on attending it, the status of the clerkship becomes "Drawn.". During the Draw process, all clerkships which are available to a student are scheduled as "drawn." During the Shuffle process, clerkships are only set to drawn when a student has accepted them.


When the clerkship is full and the student must wait for someone to drop the clerkship before he can attend this clerkship, the status of the clerskhip is Waitlist. The Waitlist status can change during a Shuffle if another student drops a clerkship. Once a student moves from the Waitlist to the Notified status, he has a set period of time to accept the clerkship or the clerkship is automatically freed up for another student. 

Students' clerkships can move as follows:

  • Waitlist -> Notified
  • Notified -> Drawn

During the Draw process, students will only be placed into the drawn status.

During the Shuffle process, students can be placed into the drawn, notified, or waitlist status.

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