Endocrine Oncology Research Laboratory

The Endocrine Oncology Research Laboratory is engaged in cutting-edge endocrine and neuroendocrine clinical, translational and basic research, national and international professional committees to develop guidelines to improve the quality of care delivered to patients with endocrine cancers, and screening and survivorship research in collaboration with international investigators and patient advocacy groups.

Our research is focused on:

Defining genetic testing criteria, and optimal screening and surveillance strategies for inherited endocrine and neuroendocrine syndromes.

Identifying the molecular basis of endocrine cancers that could impact patient care.

Creating new and improved methods, strategies, technologies, and algorithms for the diagnosis of endocrine neoplasms.

Advanced imaging and genetics that will allow for precision endocrine surgery.

Discovering new molecular, genetic, proteomic, and metabolomic markers for developing better diagnosis and novel targets for treatment of metastatic and advance endocrine and neuroendocrine cancers or biomarkers which could predict prognosis/response to surgical therapy.