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Phase II Trial of Individualized Lung Tumor Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (iSABR)

A research study using a method of treating lung cancer with focused radiation called Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR). The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of individualizing the dose of radiation used to treat lung tumors with SABR based on tumor-specific factors.

Stanford is now accepting new patients for this trial.



  • diagnostic test : PET Scan
  • diagnostic test : CT Scan
  • radiation : SABR

Phase: N/A


Ages Eligible For Study:

18 Years - N/A

Inclusion Criteria

- Limited primary or metastatic lung tumors with no evidence of uncontrolled extrathoracic metastases - Up to 4 lesions may be included, with none larger than 5 cm if there are more than one, or up to 7 cm if there is a single tumor - Both peripheral and central tumors are accepted for this trial. - Age > 18 years old - Both men and women and members of all races and ethnic groups are eligible for this trial. - Note: Patients may be enrolled more than once (e.g. for a new tumor)

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